Game objects


class Game(*, title=None, description=None, photo=None, text=None, text_entities=None, animation=None)

This class represents a game. Use the Botfather to create and edit games, their short names, will act as unique identifier

  • title (str) – Title of the game

  • description (str) – Description of the game

  • photo (list of PhotoSize) – Photo that will be displayed in the game message in chats

  • text (str) – Optional: Brief description of the game or high scores included in the game message. 0-4096 Characters

  • text_entities (list of MessageEntity) – Optional: Special entities that appear in text, such as usernames, URLs, bot commands, etc.

  • animation (Animation) – Optional: Animation that will be displayed in the game message in chats. Upload via the Botfather


class CallbackGame

This is a placeholder, currently holds no information