class Settings(broker, broker_correlator_script, centstorage, debug_auth, debug_ldap_import, debug_path, debug_rrdtool, enable_autologin, enable_gmt, enable_logs_sync, enable_perfdata_sync, gmt, interval_length, mailer_path_bin, nagios_path_img, perl_library_path, rrdtool_path_bin, snmpttconvertmib_path_bin, snmptt_unknowntrap_log_file)

This class represents the settings

  • broker (str) – Broker engine

  • broker_correlator_script (str) – Refers to the centreon broker init script

  • centstorage (bool) – Enable/Disable CentStorage

  • debug_auth (bool) – Enable/Disable authentication debug

  • debug_ldap_import (bool) – Enable/Disable LDAP debug

  • debug_path (str) – Debug log files directory

  • debug_rrdtool (bool) – Enable/Disable RRDTool debug

  • enable_autologin (bool) – Enable/Disable autologin

  • enable_gmt (bool) – Enable/Disable GMT management

  • enable_logs_sync (bool) – Enable/Disable CentCore log synchronization

  • enable_perfdata_sync (bool) – Enable/Disable perfdata synchronization

  • gmt (str) – GMT timezone of the monitoring system

  • interval_length (int) – Monitoring interval length in seconds

  • mailer_path_bin (str) – Mail client bin path

  • nagios_path_img (str) – Nagios image path

  • perl_library_path (str) – Perl library path

  • rrdtool_path_bin (str) – RRDTool bin path

  • snmpttconvertmib_path_bin (str) – SNMPTTT mib converter bin path

  • snmptt_unknowntrap_log_file (str) – SNMPTT unkown trap log file


class SettingsParam

This class represents a parameter for the settings

BROKER = 'broker'

Broker engine (str)

BROKER_CORRELATOR_SCRIPT = 'broker_correlator_script'

Centreon broker init script (str)

CENTSTORAGE = 'centstorage'

Enable/disable CentStorage (bool)

DEBUG_AUTH = 'debug_auth'

Enable/disable authentication debug (bool)

DEBUG_LDAP_IMPORT = 'debug_ldap_import'

Enable/disable LDAP debug (bool)

DEBUG_PATH = 'debug_path'

Path for debug log files (str)

DEBUG_RRDTOOL = 'debug_rrdtool'

Enable/disable RRDTool debug (bool)

ENABLE_AUTOLOGIN = 'enable_autologin'

Enable/disable autologin (bool)

ENABLE_GMT = 'enable_gmt'

Enable/disable GMT management (bool)

ENABLE_LOGS_SYNC = 'enable_logs_sync'

Enable/disable CentCore log synchronization (bool)

ENABLE_PERFDATA_SYNC = 'enable_perfdata_sync'

Enable/disable CentCore performance data synchronization (bool)

GMT = 'gmt'

GMT timezone of monitoring machine (int)

INTERVAL_LENGTH = 'interval_length'

Monitoring interval length, in seconds (int)

MAILER_PATH_BIN = 'mailer_path_bin'

Path to mail client binary (str)

NAGIOS_PATH_IMG = 'nagios_path_img'

Path to nagios image (str)

PERL_LIBRARY_PATH = 'perl_library_path'

Path to perl library (str)

RRDTOOL_PATH_BIN = 'rrdtool_path_bin'

Path to RRDTool binary (str)

SNMPTTCONVERTMIB_PATH_BIN = 'snmpttconvertmib_path_bin'

Path to SNMPTT mib converter binary (str)

SNMPTT_UNKNOWNTRAP_LOG_FILE = 'snmptt_unknowntrap_log_file'

Path to SNMPTT unknown trap log file (str)