Resource Configuration


class ResourceCFG(name, value, comment, activate, instance, id_unique)

This class represents a resource variable

  • name (str) – Name of the variable

  • value (str) – Value of the variable

  • comment (str) – Comment of the variable

  • activate (bool) – Is the variable enabled?

  • instance (list of str) – List of the instances the variable is linked to

  • id_unique (int) – ID of the variable


class ResourceCFGParam

This class represents the parameters, available for resource configurations

ACTIVATE = 'activate'

Is the configuration enabled? (bool)

COMMENT = 'comment'

Comment linked to the configuration (str)

INSTANCE = 'instance'

Instances that are tied to $USERn$ macros (list of str)

NAME = 'name'

Name of the macro, do not use $ symbols (str)

VALUE = 'value'

Value of the macro (str)