Realtime Acknowledgement


class RealTimeAcknowledgement(id_unique, host_name, entry_time, author, comment_data, sticky, notify_contacts, persistent_comment, service_name=None)

This class represents a realtime acknowledgement

  • id_unique (int) – ID of the acknowledgement

  • host_name (str) – Name of the host

  • entry_time (str) – Beginning of the acknowledgement

  • author (str) – Author of the acknowledgement

  • comment_data (str) – Short description of the acknowledgement

  • sticky (bool) – Acknowledgement will be maintained in case of change of NOT OK Status

  • notify_contacts (bool) – Notification send to the contacts linked to the object

  • persistent_comment (bool) – Acknowledgement will be maintained in the case of a restart of the scheduler