LDAP Configuration


class LDAP(id_unique, name, description, status)

This class represents a LDAP configuration

  • id_unique (int) – ID of the configuration

  • name (str) – Name of the configuration

  • description (str) – Description of the configuration

  • status (bool) – Status of the configuration


class LDAPParam

An enumeration.

ALIAS = 'alias'

Alias of the configuration (str)

BIND_DN = 'bind_dn'

User to connect to LDAP server

BIND_PASS = 'bind_pass'

Password to connect to LDAP server

DESCRIPTION = 'description'

Description of the configuration (str)

ENABLED = 'enable'

Is the configuration enabled (bool)

The base distinguished name (DN) for groups (str)

GROUP_FILTER = 'group_filter'

The LDAP search filter for groups, %s will be replaced with “*” (str)

GROUP_MEMBER = 'group_member'

The LDAP attribute for relation between group and user

GROUP_NAME = 'group_name'

Group name attribute. Will be mapped to contact groups (str)

LDAP_AUTO_IMPORT = 'ldap_auto_import'

Should LDAP automatically import new users? (bool)

LDAP_CONTACT_TEMPLATE = 'ldap_contact_tmpl'

Contact template to set for imported users (str)

LDAP_DNS_USE_DOMAIN = 'ldap_dns_use_domain'
LDAP_SEARCH_LIMIT = 'ldap_search_limit'

Search size limit (int)

LDAP_SEARCH_TIMEOUT = 'ldap_search_timeout'

Timeout for searching for users (int)

LDAP_SRV_DNS = 'ldap_srv_dns'

Use the DNS service to get LDAP hosts

LDAP_STORE_PASSWORD = 'ldap_store_password'

Whether or not the password should be stored in the database (bool)

LDAP_TEMPLATE = 'ldap_template'

LDAP template to use, “Posix” or “Active Directory” (str)

NAME = 'name'

Name of the configuration (str)

PROTOCOL_VERSION = 'protocol_version'

Protocol version of LDAP, 2 or 3 (int)

The base distinguished name (DN) for users (str)

USER_EMAIL = 'user_email'

Specifies the attribute which holds the email information (str)

USER_FILTER = 'user_filter'

The LDAP search filter for users (str)

USER_FIRSTNAME = 'user_firstname'

User firstname attribute (str)

USER_GROUP = 'user_group'

The group attribute for user (str)

USER_LASTNAME = 'user_lastname'

User lastname attribute (str)

USER_NAME = 'user_name'
USER_PAGER = 'user_pager'

Specifies the attribute which holds the pager information (str)


class LDAPServer(id_unique, address, port, ssl, tls, order)

This class represents a ldap server

  • id_unique (int) – ID of the server

  • address (str) – Address of the server

  • port (int) – Port of the server

  • ssl (bool) – Is SSL enabled?

  • tls (bool) – Is TLS enabled?

  • order (int) – Order of the servers


class LDAPServerParam

This class represents a parameter of a ldap server

HOST_ADDRESS = 'host_address'

Address of the LDAP server (str)

HOST_ORDER = 'host_order'

Counter which represents the order (int)

HOST_PORT = 'host_port'

Port of the LDAP server (int)

USE_SSL = 'use_ssl'

Use SSL (bool)

USE_TLS = 'use_tls'

Use TLS (bool)