Instances (Poller)


class Instance(id_unique, name, localhost, ip_address, activate, status, engine_restart_command, engine_reload_command, broker_reload_command, bin_scheduler, stats_bin, ssh_port)

This class represents an instance also known as a poller

  • id_unique (int) – ID of the instance

  • name (str) – Name of the instance

  • localhost (bool) – Is the poller the main poller?

  • ip_address (str) – IP address of the poller

  • activate (bool) – Is the poller enabled?

  • status (bool) – Is the poller running?

  • engine_restart_command (str) – Engine restart command

  • engine_reload_command (str) – Engine reload command

  • broker_reload_command (str) – Broker reload command

  • bin_scheduler (str) – Path of the scheduler binary

  • stats_bin (str) – Path of the nagios stats binary

  • ssh_port (int) – Port of the ssh server


class InstanceParam

This class represents the parameters available for an instance

ACTIVATE = 'ns_activate'

Set True if the poller should be enabled (bool)

BROKER_RELOAD_COMMAND = 'broker_reload_command'

Command to reload the broker (str)

CENTREON_BROKER_CFG_PATH = 'centreonbroker_cfg_path'

Path of the centreon broker configuration (str)

CENTREON_BROKER_MODULE_PATH = 'centreonbroker_module_path'

Oath of the centreon broker module

ENGINE_RELOAD_COMMAND = 'engine_reload_command'

Command to reload the engine (str)

ENGINE_RESTART_COMMAND = 'engine_restart_command'

Command to restart the engine (str)

ENGINE_START_COMMAND = 'engine_start_command'

Command to start the engine (str)

ENGINE_STOP_COMMAND = 'engine_stop_command'

Command to stop the engine (str)

IP_ADDRESS = 'ns_ip_address'

IP address of the poller (str)

LOCALHOST = 'localhost'

Set True if poller is the main poller (bool)

NAGIOS_BIN = 'nagios_bin'

Path to hte scheduler binary (str)

NAGIOS_STATS_BIN = 'nagiosstats_bin'

Path to the nagios stats binary (str)

NAME = 'name'

Name of the instance (str)

SSH_PORT = 'ssh_port'

SSH Port (int)